Sexy female intersex

‘Four focus groups were conducted with the cisgender [those who retain the sex and gender with which they were born] population (total 29 participants) and 18 one-to-one in-depth interviews were conducted with the trans population,’ it says.

The language may be turgid but it is also a revealing insight in to the Orwellian thought processes which now govern the highest echelons of the public sector.

British men may be equally concerned to learn that being ‘male’ will also lose its official status if the Office for National Statistics proceeds with a barmy new proposal for the next census in 2021.

In a report marinaded with politically correct jargon, a panel of statisticians argue that the time has come to stop asking people to state whether they are male or female.

So what on earth would the leaders of the suffragette movement have to say, a century on, about a proposal to reclassify gender as optional and – in the words of one leading feminist – to deny a woman’s ‘right to exist’?The whole point of the exercise is to identify gaps in society, not to gloss over them. Female.’However, the unnamed authors of the ONS report conclude that this simply will not do in future.The last census, in 2011, included the time-honoured question: ‘What is your sex? They cite the following reason: ‘The 2011 “Sex” question was considered to be irrelevant, unacceptable and intrusive, particularly to trans participants, due to asking about sex rather than gender.’Whereas ‘sex’ is regarded as a physical phenomenon, ‘gender’ has come to mean one’s internal identity.Little wonder that so many feminists and equal rights campaigners are up arms.And it is all being done to avoid upsetting some (though by no means all) members of a tiny sub-section of society for whom a properly conducted census should actually be a good thing anyway.

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