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These updates were published November 25th and today, November 26th and concern the public apology and statements of a young woman surnamed Huang who says she is the girl featured in the video.For more information about the video and the Chinese internet outrage that followed, please see our previous report: Rabbit Crush Fetish Video, Chinese Netizens Investigate On November 25th, from QQ, Xinhua, & Ynet/MSN: Within a QQ group for a certain class of a certain middle school in Leshan, there are many classmates who testify that the girl wearing white in the video is Huang Xiaoxiao.

Seeing this, her two pet cats climbed into her arms to sleep.

The interview was held in a room near Tianfu Square, and the interviewer simply looked at her legs and approved her, adding that the job was part-time and that the nature of the job was very simple, using her feet to mix salad.

One week later, she officially started work—-wearing high heels stepping on fruit.

Yesterday afternoon, a high school male schoolmate of Huang Xiaoxiao said that Huang Xiaoxiao was willing to go through him to relay an apology to the entire country’s people.

After communicating several times, Huang Xiaoxiao agreed to an exclusive interview directly with this newspaper’s reporter on QQ but refused to meet face to face with this reporter.

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