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The manager replies to requests over We Chat with information in English along with accompanying photographs though the information is also available online for those who care to search it out.

Red House Sauna is located inside of a large commercial building at 333 Zhaojiabing Road which is at the intersection with Xiaomuqiao Road.

Ever since their origins about three decades ago, the Behavioral Science areas of economics, ethics and managerial psychology have been rapidly evolving.

In the 1980's and 1990's, early work by Max Bazerman in judgment and negotiation, Matthew Rabin in behavioral economics, and James Sebenius in negotiations was instrumental in shaping research on Human Behavior & Decision-Making.

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Wind, dust, the loud roar of a motor engine all play a part in inspiring the collection for FW17.

Since Rockit Reports went online years ago reporting on the commercial sex scene in China has been limited to the Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong.

In both of those place prostitution is legal at least to some degree.

Asking for advance notice may seem strange but it makes sense for all parties involved as the club operates in the margins.

In December it closed for a few days apparently after receiving a warning through the grapevine that it might receive a visit from some unwanted guests.

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