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There, baby girls are abandoned in their thousands every year.In a country without a welfare state, there is no safety net for families overwhelmed by poverty or for young, single women abandoned when they get pregnant.On every street corner, in among the dirt and the detritus, tiny girls of five or six years old carried even tinier, doll-sized babies.I am so thankful that I was born here, not there, and have enjoyed all the privileges that go with being British.When we met in 2002, while we were working at United Biscuits, I knew instantly that he was the one.We married two years later, in 2004, and very much hoped children would soon follow. It was in 2007 that I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis.

I had been deeply moved by the plight of the children there and the number of baby girls abandoned.

I have been able to get a first-rate education, pursue an exciting career and choose my own husband.

My mother had hoped that I would enter an arranged marriage, as she did.

In reality she was three or four days old and severely malnourished. Lying there in her hospital cot, so helpless and small, with a drip in her arm and a tube through her nose, our perfect little baby could have been born with any number of hereditary disorders and illnesses.

Previously, I had decided that, because of the potential danger to our son Zac, we would not be able to take a child with any serious problems.

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