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Note to self: In order to accomplish my dream of finding the right guy – I have to actually go out on a date . When in doubt about ones ability to accomplish a certain task, there are always books to help us overcome our phobias, or at least recognize that we are not alone in our idiosyncrasies. and overcome any fears I might have of dating a possible dream mate.This is not a rulebook or a reprimand for poor behavior. What great books on dreaming or dating have you read recently?It is a book of secrets and funny stories, written by a dating veteran who loves men and wants to share her ideas on making dating easier for them.

This book contains the hidden truths from a woman’s mind to help men develop a playing strategy and to keep them out of the doghouse.

The result: Your dates do a double-take when your laugh-out-loud emails clash with your serious in-person demeanor.

Solution: It’s fine to craft your emails a little, especially if it’s the first time you’re establishing contact.

Here, experts reveal the top three reasons online daters encounter a slew of near misses, as well as solutions you can use to turn things around in case these scenarios sound all too familiar.

If you’ve always wanted to date a Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie look-alike who also went to an Ivy League school, it’s tempting to punch in those search criteria, find a match, and assume it’s going to be a lovefest.

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