Dating a divorced man by christie hartman

We haven't raised it as a concern, but it seems apparent that we both are different people.

His ex is a permanent fixture in his life, going to high school events with him... I want to travel, and he doesn't seem to want to get out of his routine? im a 21-yr old college student and currently dating this 30-yr old, handsome, kind man who is a doctor btw...first, i got attracted by his profession (i mean who wouldnt ryt?

Also, kids grow up to become independent adults and will not need you as much anymore or not at all.

In the end your relationship with your spouse is what really matters the kids are just part of the package. It really help me understand my role in this relationship.

We are seeing each other about 3x/week and for the most part are having nice times....

BUT, this week, we have hit a new challenge: As I mentioned before, he is a 46-year-old divorced father of 3 teen girls. Now, that some of the immediate drama has subsided, it seems, that I'm unsure if we have that much in common.

Divorced men can come with a lot of baggage, not only the kids, but the ex wife, feelings of guilt etc..

BUT, he's moved out of "the house," and into his little bachelor pad, which has helped.He feels guilty about leaving his wife and and family even though he still is a big part in their lives.I have tried to be understanding for so long but I just can't keep it together. Maybe not your husband if he let u go for another woman.These issues from the surface seem like they could be small, but really, they are seeming bigger... since we're kind of on the same track since im studying nursing )..first i knew he had a kid but i didnt really ask about his civil status coz i thought it would just be one of those come-and-go dates and i wasnt really looking for a serious relationship after a break up with a married, this guy im dating right now, our relationships seems a little off because of the busy schedule he has being that hes a doctor...i tried to understand, really!i try to adjust to the situation and recently, he just confessed that he's really divorced 4 years ago and already had a gf since the separation..after almost a year from breaking up with his gf he said he wasnt really looking for another serious relationship coz he wants to focus more on his kid and his work..

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