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Regarding modern chronological time measurement, the living, dynamic nature of the spiritual planets and universe along with the deep differences between the physical world and spiritual perceptions and manifestations, are all factors that resist rigid formulae and exact measurements in time and space. It can only give an approximation of reality as it limits itself to, and even hypothetically extends beyond, the mechanics of visible, empirical, testable phenomena (see quotation below).Ultimately there can be no conflicts and serious discrepancies between the findings of physical and spiritual sciences because the physical contains and reflects the spiritual, that is, behind and within every physical phenomenon is the sustaining spiritual world."It should not, however, be imagined that in that primeval epoch [Hyperborean] the earth's movement around the sun was at all like that of the present. It is, however, useful to realize here that the movements of the heavenly bodies arise as a result of the relationships the spiritual beings inhabiting them bear to one another.The heavenly bodies are brought into such positions and movements through soul and spirit causes that the spiritual states are enabled to unfold themselves in the physical world." - .

This is connected with the position of the earth's axis in relation to the axis of the ecliptic, with mighty processes in the constellation of neighboring celestial bodies; and there are definite times when, on account of the particular position of the earth's axis in relation to these other bodies of the cosmic system, the distribution of warmth and cold on our earth is radically changed.

Bernard Nesfield-Cookson here shows how Rudolf Steiner's vision of love, the transformative power brought by Christ, unites the forces of the head and heart towards a spiritual awakening among mankind.

Article by Martha Keltz It should be stated from the beginning that many sections of this article are freely-rendered narratives based on long and careful study of the works of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Steiner showed how mankind has been evolving and explained the role of the great spiritual world leaders in the process.

Above all he showed how the impulse to evolution given by Christ's death and resurrection - what he referred to as the Mystery of Golgotha - is of unique importance in the human being's struggle to reach the summit of evolution: union with the higher self.

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